Bearsuit Records


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Bearsuit Records

Bearsuit Records is an independent record label based in Edinburgh, Scotland. UK.

They work with an eclectic range of artists - from the cut and paste plunderphonics of the Japanese/Scottish duo, Kirameki and the experimental pop of Bunny & The Invalid Singers to the breakbeat electronica of Ippu Mitsui... 

Press :

"Is British Culture Getting Weirder?" Here is a label that would certainly encourage the idea of increasing weirdness - this is Bearsuit Records in Edinburgh who, for the past nearly 10 years now, have had an unswerving commitment to releasing, as they say, the weird and the wonderful and indeed the wonderfully weird.
[Verity Sharp - Late Junction, BBC Radio 3]

The Fearlessly inventive and always exciting Bearsuit Records return with a collection of electronic and experimental works ["V/A : Run Over By An Elevator"] spotlighting the best and brightest of the (predominantly) Scottish and Japanese electronics scene.

Bearsuit Records, a label that scurries away from cliché and stereotypes like silverfish from sunshine. [bunny & the electric horsemen - "fall apart in my backyard"] Like the other albums I have heard on this label (harold nono / awsts) this is fucking brilliant. Baffling, surreal and totally idiosyncratic...
[Sitting Now]
Bearsuit Records, a label that scurries away from cliché and stereotypes like silverfish from sunshine. [Bunny & The Electric Horsemen - "Fall Apart In My Backyard"] Like the other albums I have heard on this label (Harold Nono / AWSTS) this is fucking brilliant. Baffling, surreal and totally idiosyncratic... 
[Sitting Now]
[Sitting Now]

Purveyors of the weird, the wired, the wayward and quite frankly wonky, this collective prides itself on scouring the global airwaves for strange sonic communications and offering safe haven to those aural alchemists operating on the distant outer post markers of pops cosmos.
[God Is In The TV]

If you're not familiar with the label, get familiar with it! If you're into esoteric electronica everything they're putting out seems to be really, really cool. It's a cool label! Bearsuit Records - a brilliant independent label based in Edinburgh. I highly recommend them...
[Matthew Baty - Amazing Radio, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Richard Dawson]

Edinburgh's Bearsuit Records are your original weird ear kids, it is coming up to a decade now that they've been mischief making, warping the headspaces of the curious minority operating on a diet of Dadaist, keytronic, surreal, abstract, electrified loon pop - often procured from Japan or thereabouts, taking the baton of Scottish label cultdom from the likes of Creeping Bent and Benbecula they've coasted the far edges of outsider pop...
[The Sunday Experience]

The quality altogether is excellent, reflecting the great skills of the people involved ...It is great to notice there are fresh labels out there who can compete in quality with well known labels such as Ninja Tune or Warp Records.
[Adornments Of The King]

The label that is the beginning and end in eclectic electronica, Bearsuit Records. An astonishing array of artists and electronic music which comes out of that label ...Really quite incredible music!
[Phil Vickery - "In-Tune" BCfmRadio]

Scottish indie company who specialise in experimental music from all over the world …that there are many trans-national collaborations is another asset of a small yet fine indie label that does its best to present original music to the world. Experimentalists will have a field day!

If there's one label you can rely on to produce oddball electronica it would be Bearsuit Records, whose worldwide range of artists is matched by a similar amount of invention.
[Leonards' Lair]

Those nice people over at Bearsuit who in recent times have puzzled, perplexed and playfully messed with our heads courtesy of releases by the likes of Kirameki, Whizz Kid and Anata Wa Sukkari Tsukarete Shimai... [Losing Today] 

The artists here are not afraid to experiment and to take the musical format of their choice to new territories; and for that I thank both them and Bearsuit Records for opening up those new vistas for me.
[Heathen Harvest]

[V/A : Captain Woof Woofs Guitar] A nice compilation where melody and experimentation meet…
[Chain D.L.K]

Having for my sins not heard of Bearsuit Records before, I can safely say they’re a jolly good record label. This sampler [V/A : Captain Woof Woofs Guitar] showcases the real creativity of what they have to offer, and experimental it most certainly is…

A label fast establishing a reputation for cosmopolitan and experimental electronic music. Bearsuit have assembled a roster of talent who want to do something different. In these times of imitations and revivals, they should be applauded for that. [AWSTS : ‘Sweetness and Light’] Overall, it’s another winner from Bearsuit Records who seem to have a never-ending supply of wayward geniuses on their roster.
[Leonards’ Lair]